Friday, January 15, 2016

The Temple of dead Gods : Somra

I woke up with a feeling of having exhausted all that I had ever deserved.My body was still numb, I could hardly move, but I could open my eyes.

It appeared to be at the horizon of that moment, cascading down as future seeping out of the present. It sounded like the laughter of the night, mocking the stars that shine their hearts out. As wide as I could imagine, falling out of no where, the cascading water was unperturbed- almost like a mirror.

A giant mirror made of cascading water was right in front of me, except that there were no reflections. Like death, it was drawing me towards it. I started walking towards it. As I started walking I could see things in the mirror. I tried hard to focus my vision. I was almost sure I was seeing myself in the mirror. Unconscious as I was a few minutes ago.

I started walking faster, I wanted to get to the mirror. The image on the mirror changed to a series of quickly changing images. It was almost like a film running backwards. I could see myself inside the temple moving through the viscous air. The faster I moved towards, it the faster the film ran backwards. I was soon outside the temple coming down the staircase. Time appeared to be on a  roller coaster ride. I stopped walking and  the film stopped. I could not see anything else in the mirror. I took a few steps back and probably as I had expected the images reappeared, this time moving forward. I saw myself entering the temple, trying to get  to its core. I saw myself crying out with pain as if hit by something, but there was actually nothing that had hit me, Walking back I saw myself dissolving in the ether and materializing on the meadow,unconscious.

Gradually walking back was becoming laborious, the closer I came to the point where the mirror was showing a very near past, walking any further became impossible. I could hardly take any steps back and I could see myself laboring with my steps in the mirror too.

I stopped and the images disappeared.

"We call it Somra. It keeps the world "now", safe from the world "then". It stops today from collapsing into tomorrow. It can transpose space and time.Essentially your movement through space becomes your movement through time across the mirror. When you drift in time, it appears as your movement in space"

"Movement from where ?"

"The temple of dead Gods.It is the origin of space and time"

That was the first time I saw Iti

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