Monday, January 7, 2008


The sun sets in earlier than usual these days. By the time you are able to take cognizance of the day, it starts to wane and another long chilly night approaches. I remember not so long ago nights just seemed to be a passing phase, a filler between two days. Not anymore. The days now do not appear anything more than a chased helpless existence chased by a receding night just to fall prey to the advent of another one. It is not unusual to shrug it off as a random distraction of a disturbed mind. Yes, it is definitely not a phenomenon to be worried about. Its a periodic wheeling of time that keeps repeating seasons. The helpless winter days will soon grow and challenge nights by the advent of spring. Very soon after it will again seem all powerful and a little ruthless when it makes its existence felt its fiery touch. Its puissant limbs too shall swoon and a diminutive push of time will throw it back to the mercy of the cold foggy nights. I know that it is natural and always happens. It is called change. Change? If it changes continuously how do we know for sure that the receding winter will herald a beautiful spring. "Seems like you do not understand it well enough". My rational mind seems to tell with a hint of rebuke. "Its a periodic change".
Ok Alright!!!
Its a periodic change.
The idea seems to have a phenomenally satisfying impact. Its a change that repeats.I still do not completely understand. If it is a change how can it repeat? If it repeats that means it has not changed. If it has changed it cannot repeat. Either There is no change, the seasons are static the time does not pass or the time passes and there are no

"Well a thoughtless buttering.....random meaningless thoughts"..
cautions my rational mind again.