Monday, August 3, 2015

The Temple of Dead Gods : Inside the Temple

The first peek inside the temple took away my capacity to feel. Reality appeared like a long forgotten dream that only exists in some unknown Deja Vu's. I was no longer aware of my existence independent of everything else. Confined by soulless walls the temple was still without boundaries. Light took forever to bounce off those walls.Images became memories before they could be seen.

The mathematical laws inside the temple were different.Addition was not known.The whole was absolute, it could not be added to another whole to create a third whole. One and One did not make two. The pillars that supported the structure could not be counted. There was one pillar and there was another one pillar and so on.Counting depends implicitly on addition, so the only known number inside the temple was one.

The Ether inside the temple was viscous, luminous. My first step inside the temple was labored, making my way through the ether. There was no air, no smell.The luminous dots strewn across the ether were ideas. Every idea could be seen, plucked and planted.Some of these dots merged together to form another dot, some would just fizzle out.Once I was inside the ether my body was no longer solid. It was dissolving and coalescing at the same time. Any part of my body I was not conscious of would slowly start dissolving in the ether. Alarmed and scared I would notice the part of my body and ether would slowly start rebuilding it.My consciousness was holding my body together.

My head was leaking. From inside the brain, making its way through the skull and my skin there was purple smoke coming out.The harder I tried to plug the leak the more uncontrolled it became. I was leaking memories. After moving around the ether for a long time, they settled down as images. Bright, luminous images of different colors. The azure images of my childhood, faint grey images of adolescence, the yellow images of manhood. There were also images from before my childhood,
before my birth. Images of my death in several lives before, images of my struggle.

Walking was no longer necessary. If I had to move all I had to do was to want to move. The idea of movement was very much unlike ours. To get to a place I had to dissolve into ether. What traveled between two points was just the luminous idea of my existence. I was rebuilt at my destination. There was no time spent in doing anything.

There were spiral planks everywhere. None of these planks ever intersected. They did not lead anywhere. I wanted to get on one of these planks not knowing where it would take me. It was probably  going to take me to the temple's core. I could hear a faint sound of something quivering in pain. I started dissolving myself again to get to one of the planks. Before I could lose myself to ether, something cold hit me at the back of my head. There was suddenly a lot of heat, a lot of light before I started falling into a deep, bottomless abyss of darkness.